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       上周,芝加哥大学招生主任Ms. Michelle Trimpe来访树德国际部,让我们一起来听听她是怎么说的!



On Tuesday, April 29th, the International Department of Chengdu Shude High School was happy to welcome Michelle Trimpe, admissions officer at the University of Chicago.


       4月29日,芝加哥大学招生主任Michelle Trimpe到访树德中学国际部,为国际部学子带来了一场精彩的分享会。



The University of Chicago









Ranked 3rd among all universities in the United States, the University of Chicago accepts less 8% of all applicants. The university has played a significant role in history with the Chicago School of Economics as well as the Met Lab, which developed the first nuclear reaction in history.




Today, the University of Chicago boasts the internationally recognized Booth School of Business, Pritzker School of Medicine, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Argonne National Laboratory, the Barack Obama Presidential Library and much more. More than 90 Nobel Prize winners are counted among its faculty.




With small class sizes and a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, this private research university is a place where students can get ample access to professors to pursue their interests in virtually all fields, with plenty of opportunities for in-depth research, internships and off-campus work and study opportunities.






The chance to do research struck a particular chord with grade 11 student Mary, who had the chance to speak with Ms. Trimpe after the event about the availability of support for medical and biology research in conjunction with the Pritzker School of Medicine. Ms. Trimpe highlighted the deep focus on the quality of undergraduate education on campus, and the chances for students to get involved in cutting-edge developments in their fields of interest.


       国际部高二学生Mary在讲座结束后与招生主任Ms. Trimpe深入交流了芝加哥大学医学院对学习医学与生物学相关领域的同学能够提供的科研支持。Ms. Trimpe强调学校会将大量重心投入至本科阶段的教育中,让学生有机会参与到兴趣领域中的更多前沿项目。


Another 11th-grade student, Lilian, was happy to learn personally from Ms. Trimpe about the opportunities that exists for students to develop in clinical psychology, with outreach programs and internship opportunities to support her in pursuing her passions. Asked afterwards if she would consider the University of Chicago in the coming application process, she answered with a smile: “Definitely!”


       另一位高二学子Lilian,从Ms. Trimpe处了解到芝加哥大学为临床心理学专业同学提供的发展机会,例如对外交流项目和实习机会。对此Lilian非常心动,并在招生官询问她是否将芝加哥大学作为意向申请学校时非常自信且坚定地回答“当然”!








       对此,Ms. Trimpe作出了肯定的答复,并提到芝加哥大学有相当多数量的学生参与了阿贡实验室的研究,在竞争实习岗位的时候也会有一定的优先权。Ms. Trimpe同样提到“芝加哥大学的学生喜欢学习,并且享受学习的过程”,以及在学习之余能体验充实而丰富的课余活动。


During the visit, we had the chance to ask University of Chicago admissions officer Ms. Trimpe about the school. My questions mainly related to environmental science, and more specifically, whether students would gain the chance to work with staff on energy projects at the Argonne National Lab, or if there were internship opportunities available at this renowned lab. Her answer to this question was affirmative – a substantial number of students in university of Chicago are involved in research prompted by ANL. She mentioned that the students even had the priority in applying for an internship positions there. During the presentation, I learned about the academic atmosphere at the university, that “students like learning for learning’s sake, and they enjoy the process of learning.” What really caught my attention was also the quirky side of students at the University of Chicago. I was positively surprised to hear about the colorful social life of students as a complement to rigorous coursework, and I could tell that the university has put an emphasis on balancing academics with a great array of extracurricular activities.




       同样作为学生大使的Mary同学在接待过程中也和Ms. Trimpe进行了深入交流。通过深入沟通了解后,她感受到,灵活性是芝加哥大学最显著的特点,与很多大学不同,芝加哥大学为学生提供一种称为“核心课程”的文理课程体系,让每年入学的约1500名新生在这些课程中探索并确定自己的意向专业,这让学生拥有无限的可能性。






       当问到芝加哥大学学生最重要的特点是什么时,芝大招生主任Ms. Michelle Trimpe肯定地说,是“求知欲”。芝加哥大学期待着那些真正热爱学习,对自己兴趣领域能全身心投入的学生。



I was excited to learn about how flexibility is one of the most significant characteristics of UChicago’s curriculum. Unlike a multiple-college structure, UChicago only has one huge college designed like a liberal arts curriculum, called the Core Curriculum. Every year, about 1,500 students will begin their college life at UChicago with 50 majors and more than 40 minors to choose from. Every student will be admitted to this college with an undeclared major, which means they can choose courses freely from the start.


Much more striking than flexibility are the in-depth learning opportunities. The faculty ratio of 6:1 is really low and most of the classes are discussion-based. Since the college uses the quarter system, students can choose 3 to 4 new courses at the beginning of each quarter.


Besides theoretical learning, practice is also emphasized at this university. The “UChicago Careers in Program” provides students volunteer and internship opportunities and advanced training in fields like health, business, law, medicine and much more. The Metcalf Program offers about 3,000 internship spots every year exclusively for UChicago students.


When asked about the most important trait for UChicago students in Michelle 's point of view, she uses “intellectual curiosity” to describe it. UChicago is looking forward to having students who truly love learning and have a great passion for what they are interested in, and that, in turn has made me passionate about this school.


       优秀学子希望申请到与自己所契合的名校,名校同样在寻找优秀的学生!感谢芝加哥大学招生主任Ms. Michelle Trimpe的来访,让小伙伴们有机会和名校直接对话,也给了国际部学子一个向世界超一流名校展示自我实力与风采的机会!而芝加哥大学连年来访国际部,更是对国际部学子们的高度鼓励和认可!小伙伴们,继续加油,朝着名校努力吧!


文 / Jonas,Vicky

编辑/ Yuhan

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